The value of real in sports sponsorship

I work with the REAL Leon Haslam.

Last February I reached out to Leon; I was looking for an athlete with a good story for 2016 that would provide a launchpad for our mobile fan engagement platform.  Leon was returning to the BSB Championship after 8 years in WSBK which seemed perfect.

I went way overboard in terms of time and resources, far beyond the fee involved, but what I received in return was a lesson in the value of authenticity; the value of being REAL.

Every interaction Leon has with his fans is authentic. If they ask him a question, he answers it. Not with a politically correct corporate bland answer, he actually answers it, and his fans love him for it. It is not unusual for a live chat on Leon’s App to have 1200 people asking questions or just enjoying the banter. It is fundamental fan engagement, but, it is fan engagement at its best. Leon gives up his time, to give back to the people that support him. It is as simple as that.

In an age of athletes that perform for the camera, then can barely hide their contempt, before they are out of shot, being REAL has value. Value for the fans and value for Leon’s sponsors and partners, who know that not only will Leon turn up but he will engage with their guests/customers and the ROI is off the chart. So, when you are searching for your next athlete to sponsor, have a look at how REAL they are, when no one is looking.

The project has been an overwhelming success for Leon and his sponsors. With over half a million page views in the first season this has helped KURB grow and take on bigger projects including the British Grand Prix.

For commercial opportunities with Leon Haslam or any of our other partners give me a call on 07850 974033 or drop me a line

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